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A Lecture of PhD.Lu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joined by Trumony Team about Newest Thermal Simulation Technology

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Last weekend, our Trumony team was given a lecture about thermal simulation by PhD. Lu from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Trumony thermal simulation 2

What is thermal simulation technology

Thermal simulation technology is a kind of engineer and energy knowledge concerning heat exchange and cooling system that focuses on how the physical properties of materials fluctuate with changes in temperature. The history of heat exchange can be traced back to human beings drilling wood for fire, nowadays, this technology is applied into all aspects of the modern life, from office to kitchen, from match striking to rocket launching......we continue exploring this technology to create the fullest value to the human beings. During the process of heat exchanging, how to stabilize the temperature to keep material work normally, for most heat engineers, is the first problem needed to be taken into consideration. As a result that thermal simulation technology is persistently updated so as to improve the process and result of heat exchange.Especially in BTMS,thermal simulation technology is widely used to getting the better result for the new energy cars.

What this lecture told us

Learning from PhD. Lu, who modifies actual thermal simulation design by computer model building, about the newest development of thermal simulation design, we enhanced our knowledge and practise about thermal simulation about new energy car water cooling plate and liquid cold plate.Trumony engineering department is always trying to correct and optimize flow channels, improving our end products and lower production cost to bring the biggest value to our every customer. Trumony R&D teams are always devoting ourselves into providing services and solutions to our every customer, such as design assistance, design verification and design optimization. In order to bring bigger value to our every customer, we are keeping learning and studying without any hesitation and stop. And this insistence toward technology innovation is just the core of our Trumony team culture, we think any devoting will get the reward.

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