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Advantages and disadvantages of liquid cold plate

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Liquid cooling is to reduce the temperature of the battery by taking away the heat generated in the battery work through the cooling pipeline and coolant inside the battery pack. The advantage is its high heat transfer coefficient, high thermal energy, fast cooling efficiency and remarkable battery consistency. Compared with air cooling and natural cooling, the cost is also relatively low. The disadvantage is that the liquid exists inside, so the safety performance requirements are higher in the sealed space.

General requirements for liquid cold plate
1 The high heat dissipation power. It is able to export the excess heat generated during the working of the power cell in time to avoid excessive temperature rise.
2 High reliability of the cold plate seal. In the harsh environment of road vehicle driving, vibration, shock, and alternating high and low temperatures, the power battery voltage is often several hundred volts, and coolant leakage is a serious problem. Even if you use a coolant with good insulating properties, the insulating properties are immediately reduced when you encounter external impurities, so the reliability of the cold plate seal is important;
3 Precise thermal design.  This is required for the performance of the lithium batteries themselves, whose performance and ageing are closely related to the operating temperature(to avoid excessive temperature differences within the system);
4 Strict requirements on the weight of the cold plate. It comes from the pursuit of energy density in the power battery system. Designing a cooling system that severely reduces the energy density of the system is simply unacceptable to both the customer and the designer.

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