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Advantages and disadvantages of liquid cooling

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Liquid cooling refers to reducing the temperature of the battery by taking away the heat generated by the battery in operation through the cooling pipe inside the battery pack and the cooling liquid of the cooling plate. Its advantages are high heat transfer coefficient, large thermal energy, fast cooling efficiency, and remarkable battery consistency. The disadvantage is that the liquid exists inside, so the safety performance in a sealed space is relatively high. Compared with air cooling and natural cooling, the cost is also relatively low.

Liquid cooling plates

The complexity of the production process of the liquid-cooling plate is much higher than that of the air-cooled radiator. The water-cooled plate process mainly includes the main processes of raw material stamping - cleaning - brazing flux - riveting - brazing - testing - sealing, etc. The general production technology processes of water-cooled plate include buried pipe process, profile+welding, machining+welding, die casting+welding. At present, the main types of liquid cooling plate in the new energy vehicle market are harmonica tube type liquid cooling plate, stamping type liquid cooling plate, blowing type liquid cooling plate, parallel flow tube type liquid cooling belt, profile plus friction stir welding liquid cooling plate. Only manufacturers with strong technical precipitation can provide reliable technical support.

liquid cold plate

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