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Aluminum Extruded Micro-Channel Tube Heat Exchangers/Liquid Cold Plates

Aluminum Extruded Micro-Channel Tube Heat Exchangers/Liquid Cold Plates , it is made by two part. One is manifold tube and another is aluminum micro channel tube.
  • TR-CY-T045

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT045

The cold plate’s large internal surface area combined with its low pressure drop makes it ideal for use with viscous and low heat capacity fluids.

Micro-channel liquid cold plates are ideal for cooling small, high heat density components such as thermoelectric modules. The low-profile nature of these cold plates works well in applications with limited space that also require high performance cooling.


1. Material  : AA 3003


3.Size : Customized as your design

4.Application : soft packing cells or square cells 

5. Design structure: manifold tube / aluminum micro channel tub ( we also make the aluminum connectors and plastic quick connectors)

6. EV battery pack cooling solution: design / optimization /  thermal simulation / tooling/ prototype / mass production

7.Application industries: New Energy Car / Electric vehicle battery cooling / Energy Storage System / Battery thermal management system / eVTOL / Aircraft

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