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Aluminum Products Processing Technology (one)----Stamping

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Aluminum is the most widely used and applied metal material among nonferrous metals, and its application scope is still expanding.Aluminum products produced by the use of aluminum is a wide variety, too numerous to enumerate, according to statistics has more than 700,000, from the construction decoration industry to transportation and aerospace and other industries have different needs.Today xiaobian to introduce the processing technology of aluminum products and how to avoid processing deformation.

The advantages and characteristics of aluminum are as follows:

1. Low density.The density of aluminum is about 2.7g/cm3.It's only a third as dense as iron or copper.

2. High plasticity.Aluminum has good ductility and can be made into various products by extrusion, drawing and other pressure processing methods.

3. Corrosion resistance.Aluminum is a negatively charged metal that forms a protective oxide film on its surface under natural conditions or anodic oxidation and is much more resistant to corrosion than steel.

4. Easy reinforcement.The strength of pure aluminum is not high, but it can be improved by anodic oxidation.

5. Easy surface treatment.The surface treatment can further improve or change the surface properties of aluminum.The anodizing process of aluminum is quite mature and stable, which has been widely used in the processing of aluminum products.

6. conductive, easy to recycle.

Aluminum Processing Technology

Stamping of Aluminium Products

1, cold stamping

Use material aluminum pellets.The extrusion machine and die are used to form once, suitable for cylindrical products or products with difficult drawing process, such as ellipse, square and rectangle products.(FIG. 1 machine, FIG. 2 aluminum granules, FIG. 3 products)

The tonnage of the machine used is related to the cross-sectional area of the product. The gap between the upper die punch and the tungsten steel of the lower die is the wall thickness of the product, and the vertical gap between the upper die punch and the tungsten steel of the lower die is the top thickness of the product.(See Figure 4)

cold stamping 1

cold stamping 2

Advantages: shorter die opening period, lower development cost than drawing die.

Disadvantages: the production process is long, the product size fluctuates greatly in the process, and the labor cost is high.

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