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Aluminum micro-tube-bending process

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Aluminum micro channel tubes are microfluidic channel structures commonly used in thermal management, microfluidic transmission and other related applications.

The processing steps are generally process processing, cleaning, surface treatment, assembly, performance testing and packaging delivery.

The process is a bending process. The specific steps are

1. Prepare aluminum micro channel tubes, bending molds, bending machinery and measuring tools;

2. Clean the aluminum micro channel tube to ensure its surface is clean;

3. Since the products are generally customized, the bending mold and measuring tools need to be selected first according to the customer's product;

4. Set the parameters of the bending mold, then put the aluminum micro channel tube into the bending mold, and process it according to the set parameters. After completing the bending process, check the bent pipe and size to ensure that it meets the product requirements.

5. Cleaning and quality testing before delivery.

Folding micro channel tubes requires delicate operations to ensure the performance and quality of the tubes, so it places high demands on operators and tools and equipment.

Aluminum micro channel tubes

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