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Application of water-cooling plate cooling technology in the industry

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Since most of the power sources of new energy vehicles are lithium iron phosphate or ternary batteries, while the power battery provides power for new energy vehicles, the battery itself emits a lot of heat, which will increase the temperature of the power battery. If the temperature of the power battery is not within a reasonable range, the performance of the whole vehicle will be greatly reduced, and the life of the power battery pack will also be affected.
The traditional cooling method is air cooling or natural cooling. Air cooling is cooling on the surface of the battery system. The heat exchange efficiency is low. When the battery temperature is high, it can not cool down quickly. In serious cases, a high temperature alarm will occur. Natural cooling means that there is no temperature drop measure, and it depends on the external environment for natural cooling. The cooling efficiency is extremely low. The battery life will also be greatly reduced if the battery is exposed to high temperature for a long time. Natural heat dissipation and forced air cooling can no longer meet the cooling requirements of the battery under the vehicle operating conditions such as high rate charging and discharging. Water cooling system is more and more widely used in the power battery system. The cooling liquid carries out the heat of the power battery through the water cooling plate, which greatly meets the heat dissipation requirements of the battery.


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