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Battery cooling technology: the key to improving energy storage system efficiency

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With the widespread popularity of electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other applications, battery cooling technology, as one of the key technologies, plays a vital role in ensuring battery performance, extending battery life, and improving energy utilization efficiency.

The importance of battery cooling is self-evident. Batteries generate heat during operation. High temperatures can lead to reduced battery performance, shortened lifespan, and even cause safety hazards. Therefore, effective battery cooling technology can help maintain the battery within a suitable operating temperature range, improve system energy conversion efficiency, and ensure battery stability and safety.

Currently, common battery cooling methods include: liquid cooling, air cooling and phase change material cooling. Liquid cooling absorbs battery heat by circulating coolant around or within the battery, and then conducts the heat to the radiator to dissipate battery heat. Air cooling removes the heat around the battery through a cooling fan or heat conductor plate. Phase change material cooling utilizes the material's ability to absorb or release heat during the phase change process to regulate battery temperature.

Different battery cooling methods are suitable for different scenarios and needs. Liquid cooling is suitable for high-power battery systems with higher requirements; air cooling is simple and convenient and suitable for low-power systems; and phase-change material cooling is suitable for scenarios that require stable temperature for a long time.

As a thermal management solution provider, Trumony can offer you customized one-stop service from design, tooling, and prototype making till mass production.


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