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Battery thermal management is the key to new energy thermal management

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The accumulation of heat during battery operation will cause uneven temperature inside battery pack, which will affect the consistency of the battery cells. Further affect and reduce the battery charge, discharge cycle efficiency. The power and energy performance of the battery will also decrease.

To solve related problems, battery thermal management is a good solution. This management solution can make the battery pack performing best performance and cycle life, and controlling the temperature of the battery pack within a reasonable range.

The thermal management system of new energy vehicles needs to consider the heat dissipation of components such as batteries, motors, and the heating of batteries in low-temperature environments. It also needs to consider the cooperation with functional areas such as air conditioners and passenger compartments. Hybrid vehicles also need to consider the impact of radiation heat from the exhaust system.

Comparing with traditional vehicles, the thermal management system of new energy vehicles adds liquid cooling plates, battery coolers, electronic water pumps, electronic expansion valves, PTC heaters or heat pump systems, etc., and the value of core products has increased from CNY 2230 to CNY 6410.

The thermal management of new energy vehicles is an incremental market, grows with the growth of new energy vehicles and with the penetration of new energy vehicles.+

The future market space and value of the thermal management system industry are huge. The market is expected to grow further as a liquid cooling plate in thermal management systems.


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