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Black Technology in New Energy Vehicles: Aluminum Air Battery

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The biggest obstacle to the popularity of electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries is the Limited mileage.

According to Dr. Liu Zhaoping, researcher of Key Laboratory of graphene application research in Zhejiang Province, the pilot production line of aluminum air battery cathode with graphene based composite oxide as catalyst has been completed and can be mass produced and put on the market in the future.

The senior engineer of Ningbo Institute of industrial technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences told reporters that the aluminum air battery with graphene based composite oxide as catalyst has a large market space, and the core material of aluminum air battery is cathode catalyst doped with graphene. The product uses aluminum plate as anode and inserts the air cathode of graphene based composite catalyst into the container containing electrolyte. Aluminum reacts with air to produce electric energy. At present, the aluminum air battery has 22 national patents, and will be used in electric vehicles, communication base stations and other fields in the future.

alu air battery 3

If used in new energy vehicles, it can make the body light and greatly improve the range. If used in the mobile phone power bank, it can greatly improve the output power. If some communication base stations use this kind of battery, the advantages are obvious. At present, China's communication base stations use lead-acid batteries. The national communication base stations need about 10 million sets of lead-acid batteries, which are replaced every two or three years. It is difficult for some remote areas to update. Aluminum air batteries have a service life of 15-20 years, which can solve this problem to a large extent.

It is reported that aluminum air batteries can also be used in horse lanterns and aviation beacon lamps in the future. In case of emergency power shortage, the battery, which uses graphene based composite oxide as catalyst, can generate electricity by scooping some seawater and connecting wires. This can also make the journey safer for some travelling friends.

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