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China and the United States work together to develop a new type of lithium battery

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Slow charging speed and short driving range are the main factors which restrict the development of electric vehicles. 

Black phosphorus is an allotrope of white phosphorus. Its special layered structure endows it with strong ionic conductivity and theoretical high charge capacity. It is a potential "fast charging" electrode material. 

Recently, the Chinese and American research team has made a new type of black phosphorus composite material by making black phosphorus composite materials into electrodes and using lightweight polymer gel as a dust-proof coat. The results of laboratory measurement show that about 80% of the charge can be recovered after 9 minutes of charging, and 90% of the charge capacity can still be maintained after 2000 cycles. 

The designed lithium-ion battery may have the advantages of fast charging, high charge capacity and long service life. The study was published in "science".

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