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Coolant Flow Channel Design of Liquid Cooling Plate

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A liquid cooling plate refers to a component in the power battery system where excess heat is generated during the battery's operation. This heat is transferred through contact with the surface of aluminum components attached to the battery or module, ultimately being carried away by the coolant flowing through internal channels within the component. This aluminum component is known as the liquid cooling plate. 

Next, we will briefly introduce the process of designing the flow channels of the liquid cooling plate. First, the design of the liquid cooling plate requires the formulation of a concept for the liquid circuit, followed by calculations for temperature and pressure drop. Then, the material for the cooling plate needs to be determined, taking into account factors such as cost, availability, process ability, and common design considerations, as well as considerations for thermal conductivity, chemical compatibility with the liquid working fluid, material density, solidification point, and boiling point. Finally, the flow channel design comes into play. 

Because the direction of the liquid flow in the liquid cooling system directly affects the direction and efficiency of heat transfer, engineers need to consider multiple factors. The key considerations include: 

1.Heat Source Distribution: The fluid should be as close as possible to the heat source to reduce thermal diffusion resistance.

2.Structural Avoidance: Maintain a safe distance between the flow channels and fixed holes on the cooling plate.

3.Uniform Distribution: The fluid should uniformly flow over the cooling plate to effectively utilize the heat dissipation area.

4.Flow Velocity Control: Higher flow velocity leads to a higher convective heat transfer coefficient.

5.Reducing Flow Resistance: Designing serial and parallel flow channels to reduce flow resistance and minimize the risk of leakage. 

6.Feasibility and Process ability of Flow Channels.


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