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Dark Factory, a big step for China's manufacturing industry

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Recently, when the 30,000th Geely Xingyue L rolled off the production line at the Xi'an plant, the “Dark Factory” of Geely's Xi'an manufacturing base in Jingwei New City, Xi'an Economic Development Zone, also ushered in the first time-limited opening.

The plant is the world's first full-architecture, full-energy, and full-vehicle super-smart factory. It is Geely Automobile's current vehicle production base with the largest area of investment, the most products, the highest-end technology, and the most advanced intelligence.

What is "Dark Factory"?

"Dark Factory" means Smart Factory, which means a factory that can operate efficiently even in the dark without lights. It is a new type of smart factory in the Industry 4.0 era. The production operation is completed by highly automated robots and other high-tech equipment in accordance with certain program requirements to complete production tasks, storage tasks, and repair tasks.

In this Dark Factory, which covers an area of 2,260 acres and has a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, in addition to robots replacing humans to improve production efficiency, there are also stamping workshops and welding workshops that use many advanced equipment, technologies and processes. Assembly workshop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop.

smart factoryThe factory's vehicle manufacturing AI management system keeps automated production equipment and tools online at all times. Relying on big data intelligent analysis, it can accurately locate each quality link, and even intelligently stop the line for inspection when necessary. At the same time, the factory has established an electronic file for each car, which can track the parameter records of each link online in real time, and any quality problems can be traced.

"Dark Factory" was born the star model Xingyue

The automation and intelligence level of Geely's Xi'an manufacturing plant is outstanding among many independent brands. The production line and manufacturing system can meet EU standards, and it has the strength on par with joint venture brands. It is a benchmark factory in the domestic automobile manufacturing field and even the world automobile manufacturing field.

Geely's blockbuster model "Xingyue L" was born in Geely's Xi'an plant. This model applies Geely's best car-making technology. It has been sold for more than two months and sold 26,263 units. Cumulative orders have exceeded 60,000 units. It has gained countless consumption.

Relying on the high-tech "Dark factory", Geely Automobile has become more powerful and has made great strides in the Chinese automobile market. In the future, Geely Automobile will take the "Dark factory" as a new starting point, continue to adhere to high-quality development, focus on the era of intelligence, drive a leap-forward upgrade of user experience, and lead the innovative development of the industry. In order to achieve the strategic goal of "creating an intelligent travel experience that exceeds user expectations, building a technology-leading global auto company, and becoming the most competitive and respected Chinese auto brand", it keeps forging ahead.

With the support of the "Dark Factory", the Geely Industrial Base will continue to help the Economic Development Zone build a million-vehicle town and a 100-billion-level automobile industry cluster, and drive the trillion-level equipment manufacturing layout with high-tech automobile manufacturing to build The "Made in China 2025" demonstration city provides solid industrial support and writes a new chapter in the economic development zone to catch up and surpass.

Dark factory, a small step for Geely, a big step for China's manufacturing industry

In the middle of last month, on the first day of China Basic Disk·The First China Manufacturing Leaders Summit, Li Yizhong, chairman of the China Federation of Industrial Economics and former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, disclosed a set of data:

Today, the share of manufacturing in the US GDP is 11.6%, Germany is 20.8%, Japan is 20.7%, and South Korea is 27.6%. For China, this data peak appeared in 2006, when the secondary industry's added value accounted for 42% of GDP, and then fell at a rate of 0.8% every year. Last year's data was 32%. If calculated by the caliber of the manufacturing industry, the data will fall further to 27.7%, which is basically the same as South Korea.

Why does Li Yizhong want to show this set of data? He talked a lot at the meeting. The core views include that industry is the support of a country’s comprehensive national strength, the driver of the national economy, and the guarantee for overcoming crises and disasters. However, the current industry in my country is "de-realistic to virtual" and hollowed out. , The risk of marginalization.

"What is the concept of 27.7%? It is the same as South Korea. South Korea was industrialized in 1995, and we will not be basically industrialized until 2035. South Korea’s per capita GDP is 30,000 US dollars, and we are only 10,000 US dollars, and our manufacturing industry now accounts for the same proportion as South Korea. Comrades, isn't it a bit dangerous? The decline in the proportion of the industrial manufacturing industry too early or too quickly will cause vigilance." Li Yizhong said.

Two days before Li Yizhong screamed at the "China Basic Disk·The First China Manufacturing Leaders Summit", Geely Automobile's 30,000 Xingyue L rolled off the assembly line at the "Black Light Factory" in Xi'an. This is the world’s first smart black light factory with full architecture, full energy and full models. The Geely Xingyue L produced by the Xi’an plant is also a masterpiece of the Chinese brand. An independent model with sales exceeding 10,000.

When the two news appeared together, we saw the investment, dedication, leadership and unremitting efforts of Chinese automobile companies in intelligent manufacturing, in Industry 4.0, in product and brand value.

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