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Electric Motor Car Hood Cover High Strength Stamping Wide Aluminium Plate

  • TR-LW50863

  • TR-LW-2106-496

The Meaning of Lightweight

The lightweight of automobile is to reduce the servicing quality of automobile as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance of automobile, so as to improve the power performance of automobile, reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollution. Experiments show that the mass of the car will be reduced by half, and the fuel consumption will also be reduced by nearly half. Due to the need of environmental protection and energy saving, the lightweight of automobile has become the trend of automobile development in the world.


The Method of Lightweight

1. Under the premise of continuous optimization of mainstream vehicle specifications and keeping the main parameters of specifications, the structural strength of the whole vehicle is improved and the consumption of consumables is reduced;

2. Lightweight materials are used. Such as aluminum, magnesium, ceramics, plastics, glass fiber or carbon fiber composites, etc;

3. The structure is designed by computer. Such as using finite element analysis, local strengthening design, etc;

4. Adopt load-bearing body, reduce the thickness of body sheet, etc.

Among them, the current main lightweight measures are mainly the use of lightweight materials.


Aluminum alloy sheet and strip, extruded profiles and forged materials are mainly used in automobile body panels, body frames, engine radiators, air conditioning condensers, evaporators, wheels, decorative parts and suspension system parts.

EVI Capacity Building

The ability of material research, simulation and application research is established to achieve the early intervention in the vehicle design of the main engine plant, so as to achieve the synchronous development and design of material research and vehicle design.

Professional Team Building

We give full play to the marketing mode of technology + sales + production, set up a special working group for automobile plate project, implement weekly meeting system, integrate technology, sales, equipment and production, and strive to build a professional, capable and responsible automobile plate product service team.

Equipment level

It has a full process production line of aluminum alloy plate and strip materials, and the equipment level is at the international advanced level. The main production equipment is imported from the first-class equipment manufacturers in Europe and America.

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