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Ensure electric vehicle battery cooling system

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The main function of the battery cooling system is to conduct heat away from the battery pack to maintain the normal operating temperature of the battery. Electric vehicle batteries generate a large amount of heat during operation. Without a proper cooling system to dissipate heat, the battery temperature will rise, resulting in reduced battery performance or even damage to the battery.

Generally speaking, the cooling system of electric vehicle batteries usually adopts liquid for cooling, that is, the coolant (usually a mixture of water and ethylene glycol) is transferred among the battery pack through a circulation pump. The coolant absorbs the heat generated by the battery and removes the heat by circulating the coolant to keep the battery temperature within a suitable range.

The design and performance of the electric vehicle battery cooling system directly affects the battery life and performance. An excellent battery cooling system can provide stable temperature control and prevent the battery from overheating and overcooling. Overheating will cause battery capacity and power to decay, shorten battery life, and even cause safety hazards. Overcooling will reduce the efficiency of the battery and affect the output power of the battery. Proper temperature control is able to improve the battery's charging efficiency and discharge capacity, allowing electric vehicles to drive for longer periods of time.

In addition, the electric vehicle battery cooling system must also consider the temperature balance of different individual cells in the battery pack. The temperature difference of each single cell inside the battery may cause imbalance in the battery pack, affecting the performance and life of the entire battery pack. A good cooling system will monitor and adjust the temperature distribution within the battery pack through various sensors and control systems to achieve temperature balance and extend the life of the battery.


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