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Factors for choosing a liquid cooling plate

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The liquid cooling plate, the excess heat generated by the equipment is transferred by contacting the surface of the plate-shaped aluminum device, and is finally taken away by the cooling liquid in the internal flow channel of the device. The plate-shaped aluminum device is the liquid cold plate. When choosing a liquid cold plate, the following factors are often considered:

1.The heat dissipation power can quickly take away the excess heat in the working state of the equipment and avoid the excessive temperature rise of the waste heat

2.Reliability, since the working environment of the liquid cold plate is mostly in the vibration, shock, high and low temperature alternating environment, so how to ensure the reliability of the liquid cold plate seal is very important

3.The heat dissipation design is uniform, which meets the performance requirements of lithium batteries. The heat dissipation uniformity of each part is very important, which is the premise to ensure the safety and performance of the battery.

4.The weight of the liquid cold plate. The demand for energy density of the battery system prevents the liquid-cooled plate from occupying too much weight in the overall device, especially in the power battery pack, where the design requirements for the weight of the liquid-cooled plate are more stringent.


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