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Heavy Snow ------ the 21st solar term in the 24 solar terms

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Today is "Heavy snow". Heavy Snow is the 21st solar term in the 24 solar terms.

The reason why the ancients named this solar term "heavy snow" is because "Snow" is the product of water vapor cooling, representing cold and precipitation. 

This solar term is characterized by a significant drop in temperature, rain or snow. The name of "heavy snow" is a metaphor. 

It reflects the climate change during the solar term. The cold current is active, the temperature drops and the precipitation increases. 

It does not mean that there will be a lot of snow during the solar term.

Heavy snow is a good time to "supplement". Winter tonic can improve the body's immune function, promote metabolism, and improve the phenomenon of chills. 

Winter tonic can also regulate the metabolism of substances in the body, so that the energy transformed by nutrients can be stored in the body to the maximum extent.

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