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How to distinguish the design advantages and disadvantages of water cooling plate

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In the water cooling plate, the pipe diameter is determined by the flow rate. Generally speaking, if the flow rate is too high, the flow resistance will be large, and if the flow rate is too low, the pipe material will be wasted.  
2. The inner diameter of the inlet and outlet of the water cooling plate is generally determined by the customer, because it should match with the customer interface.  
3. The rational design and selection of the internal flow passage of the water cooling plate is the place that most tests the technical level of a water cooling plate design engineer.  
4. Simple description of the design and selection of the internal flow passage of the water cooling plate:
(1) The series and parallel structure and size of the flow channel shall be designed in consideration of the customer's requirements for the temperature uniformity of the water cooling plate, while the temperature rise, flow resistance, etc. shall be considered for the series connection, and the shunt uniformity and temperature rise shall be considered for the parallel connection.  
(2) Considering the customer's restrictions on the flow resistance of the water cooling plate, some simple runner manual calculation results are more accurate.
(3) The difference of manufacturing cost of different runner forms must be considered, and mass production cost is very important.  
(4) Mechanical strength.  
(5) Processing technology.  
(6) Manufacturing costs.

How to distinguish the quality of water cooling plate
1. Judging from the material, the water cooling plate of most heat sinks on the market are designed with aluminum plate embedded with copper tube. This water cooling plate is made of aluminum and copper alloy with high cost performance. The quality of aluminum and copper depends on whether there are impurities, that is, the quality of raw materials.
2. According to the process, the material can be the same but the process is different, but the effect of the radiator is different. The process should be viewed from two aspects, one is whether the production is carried out according to the design drawings, and the parameters marked in the drawings should be checked with the corresponding measuring tools.
3. On the other hand, depending on the workmanship of the water cooling plate, there will be a problem of adhesion through the process of copper pipe embedding aluminum plate. If there is a gap between the two, the heat dissipation effect will be affected and even water leakage will occur. In addition, the copper tube and aluminum plate are connected by the process of burying the tube, and then processed by the process of grinding or flying surface, so that the whole water-cooled radiator plate forms a flat plane. The quality can also be judged from this plane to see whether it is flat, whether the copper tube and aluminum plate are fused into a plane, and whether there are gaps or irregularities will affect the heat dissipation effect.
4. The advantages and disadvantages of a radiator water cooling plate can be roughly judged from several aspects. If the requirements are high, it can be judged more accurately by the measured heat dissipation data.   

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