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Industry 4.0 The future of digital factory manufacturing

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Last week, we visited the headquarters of Nio and the headquarters of Lianbao Technology respectively, and deeply felt that technology has changed production.

NIO has basically realized Industry 4.0. The cars can be produced after customers placing orders online. 


Customization can be achieved, flexible production, no inventory, and ID cards for all parts in the entire process.


Lianbao Technology produces most of the notebook computers in China, with a cumulative shipment of more than 100 million units, with an average of two units per second. There is a fully integrated system from individual consumers’ online orders to factory shipments. Less than 48 hours, and can realize customized flexible production.


From the development path of Germany, it can be seen that in order to engage in Industry 4.0, we must first complete Industry 3.0. Experts in the IT industry and automation experts must work together for long-term planning, cross-industry, and cross-professional integration and coordination. China's realization of Industry 4.0 cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires four steps: manufacturing automation, digitalization of process management, networking of enterprise information, and cloudification of intelligent manufacturing. Through these four modernizations, we will follow our own path and realize our ideals step by step.

The industrial sector is at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. After automation is the digitization of production. The goal is to increase productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, so that the company will be more competitive on the road to the industrial future.

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