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Leading of Energy Industry------Aluminum Air Battery Has Outstanding advantages

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1. Compared with the ordinary battery, the aluminum air battery uses oxygen to replace metal, which greatly reduces the weight, and has the advantages of light weight and high energy density. New energy vehicles using air batteries have the requirements of "smaller, lighter and more efficient".

2. Good maneuverability. The oxidant of aluminum air battery comes from air. The weight of the battery is greatly reduced, the storage and transportation are convenient, and the battery has good mobility. It can also be used as a high-power mobile power supply for new energy vehicles.

3. High support efficiency. Aluminum air battery has the advantages of high energy density, stable discharge voltage, long cycle life and so on, and its structure is simple. In daily use, through rapid replacement of metal electrode and electrolyte, it can provide power guarantee continuously.

4. Strong environmental adaptability. The raw materials of metal electrode used in air battery are rich and diverse, which are easy to obtain even in harsh environment and adapt to various markets in the world.

5. Easy maintenance. In use, the aluminum air battery almost does not need maintenance, reducing the use burden.

Trumony provide new solution for both new energy and new energy heat exchange. We help bring technology into ground.

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