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Liquid cooling for battery modules

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Liquid cooling for battery modules is employed to manage the temperature of battery packs, enhancing system performance and safety. It utilizes the circulation of coolant to absorb heat generated by heat-dissipating components, ensuring the battery pack operates within an appropriate temperature range.

The design of the coolant channels in the liquid cooling plate significantly affects the thermal performance of the battery module. A well-designed structure can notably improve the thermal uniformity of the battery module. In addition to channel design, the selection of thermally conductive interface materials with high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities is crucial. This choice improves the heat conduction performance. Furthermore, it is important to select suitable cooling agents and consider fluid dynamics and heat transfer characteristics, as they play a vital role in optimizing the design of the cooling system and flow distribution. All these factors must be comprehensively considered when optimizing the thermal performance of the battery module.

In summary, the application of liquid cooling plates in battery modules requires a comprehensive consideration of various factors to maximize the thermal performance of the battery module. With the continuous advancement of technology and the reduction in material costs, liquid cooling plates will find broader applications in various fields.


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