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Liquid cooling has become the mainstream trend of battery pack heat dissipation

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In electric vehicles, the cooling system of liquid cooling plate mainly includes the cooling of drive motor, vehicle controller, DC/DC and other components, and the cooling of power battery and on-board charger, which has become an important guarantee for the operation of new energy vehicles. Components of liquid cooling system include battery cooler, electronic expansion valve, electronic water pump, battery valve, liquid cooling plate, etc; The liquid cooling plate is a key component of the liquid cooling system, which transfers excess heat through the circulation of coolant in the liquid flow channel to achieve the cooling function. The liquid cooling plate can be divided into punching type, harmonica tube type, blowing type, etc. The harmonica tube type liquid cooling plate is gradually replaced by the stamping plate due to its ordinary heat transfer effect

Among them, the application of liquid cooling plate is the biggest highlight of Kirin battery. The technical route of power battery thermal management mainly includes air cooling, liquid cooling, direct cooling and phase change materials, and liquid cooling is the mainstream trend. The battery generates a lot of heat during the charging and discharging process. The high temperature will reduce the battery life and cause the risk of thermal runaway. Battery cooling technology mainly includes air cooling, liquid cooling and phase change cooling, among which liquid cooling will account for about 55% of electric vehicles in 2022; The application of energy storage is accelerating, and the proportion of energy storage liquid cooling will increase from 10.8% in 2021 to about 45% in 2025.


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