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Liquid cooling plate-stamping process

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The stamping process is a common metal processing and manufacturing method that can efficiently process raw materials to obtain the desired shape. The stamping process starts from the raw materials, and then cuts, punches and shapes the metal sheets to obtain the required parts. Next, the material will be subjected to high-temperature degreasing treatment to remove oil and impure substances on the surface of the material to prepare for subsequent processes. Repair the parts with patching agent to improve the joint quality when welding the parts. The early steps are used to fully dry the parts repair agent, and then assemble and weld the parts to assemble the parts. 

Next, parts welding technology is used to repair and connect the parts. The welding and sealing inspection of the faucet determines the sealing performance and quality of the product. 

As the work progresses to surface spraying operations, the corrosion ability is improved. After surface treatment is completed, finished product inspection is performed to ensure compliance with product quality standards. Finally, the small parts are assembled, mounted and packaged for storage. 

The relevant process uses stamping technology to process and shape raw materials, supplemented by heat treatment, spraying, etc. to ensure liquid cooling plate quality, and ultimately ensure high-quality products.


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