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Liquid cooling technology will be the mainstream temperature control technology

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The advantages of liquid cooling technology are more significant, and it is expected to replace air cooling as the mainstream temperature  control  technology

The liquid cold plate is currently core component of new energy vehicle battery thermal management liquid cooling function module. In electric energy vehicles, the cooling system mainly includes cooling the drive motor, vehicle controller, DC/DC and other components, as well as cooling the power battery and on-board charger. At present, the power batteries of electric vehicles are mainly lithium-ion batteries, which are sensitive to temperature changes. The temperature environment in battery pack has a great impact on the reliability, cycle life and performance of the battery cells. Battery thermal management has become an important guarantee for the operation of new energy vehicles.

The liquid cooling plate is one of the most critical components in the liquid cooling system of the battery pack. The battery generates excess heat. The heat is transferred through touching between battery, module ,and the surface of the plate-shaped aluminum device, then passes through the internal flow channel of the liquid cooling plate and finally taken away by the cooling  liquid.

The advantages of liquid cooling also make it possible to replace air cooling as mainstream temperature control technology. The mainstream temperature control routes for energy storage batteries include air-cooling and liquid-cooling solutions. At present, the air-cooling solution accounts for a relatively high proportion. The proportion of liquid cooling solutions will increase rapidly.

The measured data shows that compared with ordinary air-cooled products, the battery cycle life of liquid-cooled energy storage products has increased by 20%. In addition, current mainstream high-nickel ternary batteries have poorer thermal stability than lithium iron phosphate batteries and require more efficient and precise temperature control solutions; The energy density of new application technologies for lithium iron phosphate has been improved, and the requirements for a longer driving range of electric vehicles are higher, also higher battery energy density; these demands have driven the battery thermal management to shift from air-cooled technology to liquid-cooled technology with higher heat exchange efficiency. At present, CATL is promoting outdoor liquid-cooled electric cabinets, which are close to heat sources, have a uniform temperature, and have low energy consumption. They are also more suitable for outdoor environments than air-cooled ones. Manufacturers such as Sungrow and BYD have also launched liquid-cooled electric cabinets for outdoor use. Energy storage system.


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