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Mini Salt Water Lamp Emergency Lamp Aluminum Air Battery

The metal air salt water bag lamp is independently designed and developed by Ningbo aluminum new energy Co., Ltd. It relies on the chemical reaction of aluminum, magnesium and other metals in the salt water medium to convert the chemical energy of aluminum into electric energy. The use process is less affected by the environment and easy to operate. The product has lighting and warning functions, large power storage, safe and reliable. It is suitable for emergency rescue, outdoor camping, warehouse, seaside, hotel and family reserve. It is an ideal light source and warning product for emergency standby.
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Alu-air Salt Water Emergency Lamp

1. Descriptions

  The salt water lamp is a mini energy generator which applies the technology of aluminum air battery. Inside the salt water bag there is one aluminum plate, meanwhile the graphene area is outside the plastic bag. It is foldable, easy to carry that only weighs 70 grams.

  Al- air salt water lamp has a shelf life  more than 10 years. In addition, it is designed for repeat use, you could pour out the electrolyte to stop the energy generation.

2. Specifications

Model and specification


Rated capacity


Operating ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature


Total lighting time






3. Applications

1. Home emergency lighting

2. Outdoor activities

3. Emergency rescue lighting

4. Fish lighting


4. Advantages

1. Long storage time

  Metal air battery power can be stored for more than 10 years with free of maintenance.

2. Easy to carry and safe to store 

  This production has two functions of buzzer alarm and flashing alarm with mall size which is easy to carry. The electrolyte is salt water and the can be aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy. It is safe and reliable, not flammable and explosive.

3. Repeat use

  If the use time is short, you could pour out the salt water and the energy generation will stop at the same time. Keep it dry, this product could used for several times until the aluminum plates runs out.


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