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Nail Penetration Test equals to battery pack safety?

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After BYD’s Blade Battery was announced in the end of March 2020, CATL and BYD, the biggest battery cells manufacturers in China, started a debate regarding Nail Penetration’s necessity in safety test.

BYD proudly announced that Blade Battery, which would be equipped in its flagship sedan Han, emitted neither smoke nor fire in Nail Penetration test, and its surface temperature only reach to 30 - 60°C. BYD take this as a significant safety advantage over NCM Lithium Battery, and another highlight apart from cruising range.

As the biggest NCM lithium battery manufacturer in China, CATL released several videos showing its pouch cells passes penetration test to defend from safety concern from public, and emphasized their view, i.e.: battery pack safety is a systematic project: structure, material, workmanship, working environment all matters in safety evaluation.

Actually, Penetration Test measures the quality of battery cells in Abusing condition, it is only an optional test in GB30381-2020 standard. In order to keep EV running in safe & stable condition, a thermal management system is needed in battery pack to maintain a proper working temperature and prevent EV from catching fire due to thermal runaway.

Trumony Aluminum Limited has invested and developed multiple series of cooling plates, which are the key parts for cooling different types of cells ( pouch, cylinder and prisma). Trumony Aluminum Limited does both extrusion and brazing, making different shapes suitable for serpentine and flat structure. Cooling plates safeguard the daily use of EV, controlling its working temperature between 10°C to 35°C.

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