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Outdoor Adventure Long Distance Travel Emergency High Power Aluminium Air Battery

  • TR-A45615

The graphene based aluminum air electrode made use of high-tech material technology, which greatly improved the catalytic performance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and overcame many problems such as long-use crack and low power

Trumony has a complete industry chain of aluminum ore, aluminum ingot, aluminum plate belt, aluminum processing, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, and a number of powerful aluminum research institutes, which provide the whole industry chain coverage advantage for aluminum electrode melting casting, processing, and aluminum hydroxide recovery of combustion products of aluminum fuel power

The continuous service life of the air electrode is measured for more than 2000 hours, and is currently being tested for 5000 hours.

The cycle life of the system is more than 1000 times, and there is no need for washing and pickling when the machine is shut down.

Structure and working principle

Low Noisy The startup operation is below 50DB, and it can be used quietly in the community all day long to avoid disturbing people
Big Capacity The current power product can store power of 50-100kwh, which can supply the base station with uninterrupted power supply for 25h, reducing the manual handling   cost of diesel generator
Power   Adjustable Modular design of power supply, according to the base station electricity data, can allocate the power of aluminum fuel power, save cost
Maintenance   Free The storage time of aluminum fuel power is long, and the maintenance and   replacement of equipment are not needed for ten years, which saves the   maintenance cost
Remote   Control All base station aluminum fuel power supply can be remote monitoring power   consumption and maintenance, real-time feedback, digital, unmanned management
safe and   reliable Aluminum fuel power mainly consists of water medium and aluminum plate for power generation, which is not flammable and explosive, and safe for storage and   transportation


1. Larger specific energy:

The theoretical specific energy of aluminum air battery can reach 8100wh / kg. The actual specific energy of aluminum air battery in 2014 was only 350wh / kg, but it was 7-8 times of lead-acid battery, 5.8 times of nickel hydrogen battery and 2.3 times of lithium battery. After using the aluminum air battery, the driving range of the vehicle can be significantly increased. According to the relevant foreign information, California, USA has only replaced the aluminum electrode once, and the driving range reaches 1600km.

2. Light weight:

The total energy and mass of traction power type lead-acid battery developed and developed in China are 13.5kwh and 375kg respectively. The total mass of aluminum air battery with the same energy is only 45 kg, which is 12% of the mass of lead-acid battery. As the battery weight is greatly reduced, the vehicle's curb weight is also reduced, which can improve the vehicle's loading energy or extend the driving range.

3. Non toxic hazard:

Aluminum will not cause harm to human body, can be recycled, and does not pollute the environment. Aluminum is rich in raw materials and has a large-scale aluminum smelter with low production cost. Aluminum recycling is convenient and the cost is low. Moreover, the aluminum electrode can be replaced to solve the problem of slow charging of aluminum air battery.

Although the aluminum air battery contains high specific energy, its specific power is low, the charging and discharging speed is relatively slow, the voltage lags behind, and the self discharge rate is large. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a thermal management system to prevent the aluminum air battery from overheating.


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