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Power Battery Liquid Cooling Plate

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As traditional energy sources become increasingly scarce, and environmental concerns grow, the development of new energy vehicles has garnered widespread attention from both industry professionals and the general public. The power battery, serving as the energy source and storage facility for new energy vehicles, plays a crucial role in ensuring the vehicle's safety. The performance of the liquid cooling plate, in particular, determines the safety performance of the battery pack. 

During the charging and discharging processes, a substantial amount of heat accumulates within the battery pack, causing an increase in the internal temperature. The optimal operating temperature for battery packs typically falls between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius, as temperatures exceeding this range can pose safety risks. Therefore, manufacturers often opt for liquid cooling solutions to manage the heat. 

Typically, this involves installing liquid cooling plates within the battery module and injecting a cooling agent into the cooling plate. The circulating cooling agent carries away the accumulated heat, effectively achieving the battery pack's cooling goals. The high-efficiency heat dissipation, reliable performance, and environmentally friendly nature of liquid cooling plates make them the mainstream heat dissipation method for manufacturers in the long run. They hold significant potential for broader applications and commercial value in new energy vehicles and related equipment.

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