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Proposal for the Expanded Application of Aluminum Micro channel Tubes

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In addition to their established applications in traditional areas such as automotive air conditioning, refrigerated trucks, refrigeration and HVAC, as well as heat pumps, aluminum micro channel tubes are now actively exploring new markets. In the current market landscape, an increasing number of manufacturers are venturing into the use of aluminum micro channel tubes in commercial refrigeration, heat pump drying machines, data centers, energy storage, and the thermal management of new energy sources. 

The processing of micro channel tube components primarily involves three main types: manifold tubes, flat tubes, and windowed fins. These components are shaped through methods such as melting, extrusion, hot rolling, cold rolling, coiling, high-frequency welding, and slotting. Each component has specific process control points. In order to explore new application areas and markets, manufacturers have introduced new processes and solutions. For example, the development and mass production of a new generation of efficient flat tubes capable of addressing low-temperature heat generation challenges, lightweight and high-efficiency dual-system micro channel heat exchangers, super high-strength carbon dioxide air coolers, highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, and cost-effective TCP coatings. 

Once breakthroughs are achieved in these related technologies, micro channel tubes have the potential to significantly enhance product competitiveness and the sustainable development capabilities of relevant manufacturers.

Aluminum Micro channel Tubes

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