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Reasons for choosing aluminum micro channel tubes for automotive air conditioners

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Micro-channel aluminum flat tube (also known as "parallel flow aluminum flat tube") is a kind of thin-walled porous flat tubular material made of refined aluminum rods, hot extruded, and sprayed with zinc on the surface for anticorrosion treatment. It is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is used as the core component of various refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and water tanks, but it is also more and more widely used in automotive air conditioners.

There are two reasons why the air conditioner chooses aluminum micro channel tube flat tube. First, from the structural point of view, the porous flat structure of the micro channel tube causes the flat tube surface area to be much larger than that of the copper tube, but the floor area is smaller. Therefore, the heat exchange capacity is stronger, which can reduce the amount of refrigerant used by nearly 79%. It is suitable for the compact structure of the car. With the optimization of the EC motor, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved.

The high-efficiency solenoid coil composed of flat tubes, combined with the EC motor can reduce the noise by 50%, so its application in automobiles is increasingly chosen by mainstream manufacturers.

Micro-channel aluminum

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