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The main way of battery heat dissipation

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The main way of battery heat dissipation is mainly natural cooling and air cooling, liquid cooling, direct cooling, a total of four items, the four major items are all for the battery management system is the main purpose: the battery is kept at a suitable temperature, and then the battery module maintains an optimal working state. Then the thermal management of the battery mainly has the main function of heat dissipation, preheating and temperature balancing.


1) Free cooling: Its advantages are simple structure, low cost and small space occupation. The disadvantage is that its heat dissipation efficiency is too low to meet the needs of high-power cooling. The principle of natural cooling is to use its natural air convection to exchange heat.

2) Air cooling: The structure is also relatively simple and the cost is low. This is mainly used in some mini cars, and there are some electric vehicles that specialize in price wars, most of them will choose this air-cooled mode, the advantage is that the structure of the system is relatively simple, easy to maintain, there is no risk of liquid cooling system leakage, the disadvantage is because it will be affected by some external influences, such as when the environment is higher, his blowing for example, which is similar to an electric fan, its cooling effect will not appear so good.

3) Liquid cooling: Through the internal cooling pipeline of this battery pack and the coolant of the cooling plate, take away a heat generated by the battery in the work to reduce the temperature of the battery. The advantages are its high heat transfer coefficient, large thermal energy and fast cooling efficiency. Then the consistency of the battery is also more significant. The disadvantage is that because it exists in this liquid, the safety performance of a seal on it is relatively high. And the cost is also of a certain range relative to this air cooling and natural cooling.

4) Direct cooling: inject this refrigerant into this air conditioning system, and then the low temperature is a heat that can quickly take away the battery generation. Its power-on efficiency is the highest, and the disadvantage is the same, like liquid cooling, the performance requirements are relatively high. Then there is also a higher requirement for this manufacturing process, and the uniformity of its water cooling system heat dissipation is not easy to control. Then there may be a risk that the temperature difference is too large. There is also refrigeration and a little high pressure resistance will be much higher than liquid cooling. The normal liquid-cooled working pressure should also be within this 1.3 backlog at most. Then this direct cold possible pressure will reach three or four large backlogs. Another is direct cooling, and its compression tool can raise this energy to more than 60 degrees, so it will be higher than the room temperature range of this battery. Direct cooling is again a refrigerant in this RAI method. When the refrigerant is more than ten degrees below zero, its low-temperature heat pump will not work, and then it will not be able to heat the battery, which means that an additional distribution heating is required here, which means that the cost will not be lower than this and will not be lower than this liquid cooling.

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