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The sales of New energy car is possible to sharply exceed the expectation of 2022

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Looking back on 2021, it is a year of challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry. Auto industry faces a lot of influence such as the shortage of chip supply, the outbreak of scattered epidemic, the adjustment of policies and regulations and so on. However, the strong market demand for new energy vehicles has been recognized and accepted by more and more consumers.The continuous innovation of production and sales has promoted the development of the automotive industry.

The demand for lightweight of new energy vehicles is extremely urgent. For every 10kg reduction in the weight of pure electric vehicles, the mileage can be increased by 2.5km. Tesla and Velai are leading the industry in light weight, and traditional automobile enterprises such as BYD, BAIC new energy and Geely Automobile have also stepped up their light weight layout.

Aluminum as a light material, once it is applied in the auto industry, the total weight will decrease sharply. Nowadays, aluminum material is widely applied in the auto in the form of water/liquid cooling plate functioning for battery cooling, front cooling system of battery box, liquid cooling plate, aluminum upper case, aluminum lower base, auto mobile front and rear anti-collision beam, shock absorber, new energy automobile electrical support, CCB instrument panel support and lower body aluminum parts.

In part of this, we Trumony, as a professional provider in aluminum alloy, such as 4343, 4045, 4343mod, 4045mod, 4004, 4104, 6061, aluminum liquid cooling plate is our strong product category.

Our product can meet High mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, fire and impact resistance, lightweight, good deep drawing performance, low ear-making rate, good anti-explosion and pressure resistance requirements.

We can provide a full set solution from R&D, design verification, sample/mass production, sales, transportation.  

With the rapid growth of China's new energy vehicles, our domestic enterprises also aim at this new lightweight track and layout the production capacity of aluminum automobile plates one after another. By the end of 2020, the domestic automobile plate production capacity was 940000 tons, which has become the second largest country in the world. Among them, the production capacity of Chinese local enterprises was 640000 tons, accounting for 68%.

In the future, the application of aluminum in new energy vehicles will be more and more. It has exceeded an amazing 3.4 million vehicles in 2021, accounting for 13% of the vehicle production and sales. It is expected that the number of new energy vehicles will exceed 5 million in 2022. Its explosive growth will become a new bright spot for the increase of aluminum deep processing application.We Trumony Aluminum Limited Company consistently invested in design engineering, new alloys and products, future vehicles, next-generation fabrication technologies and recycling and sustainability, therefore contributes to achieve the goal of improving EVs’ performance and increase aluminum’s value to automakers.


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