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Water cooling plate: bringing cooling to high-performance electronic devices

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The water cooling plate is a heat dissipation device with a compact structure, usually made of high thermal conductivity materials such as copper and aluminum. Its design relies on the requirements of working condition, which can be power source parameters, temperature difference, pressure drop, pressure resistance, etc. The end-product forms can be brazed cold plates, machined cold plates, serpentine tubes and so on can. The water-cooling plate circulates and guides the coolant to the hot spots of electronic equipment through internal micro-water channels, quickly taking away the generated heat, and then recirculates it after cooling. Compared with traditional air-cooling technology, water-cooled panels can reduce equipment temperature more effectively and improve heat dissipation efficiency.

First of all, the water cooling plate has excellent heat dissipation performance. Compared with traditional air cooling methods, water-cooled panels can achieve higher heat dissipation efficiency. When the coolant flows through the heat source through the fine water channels, it will take away the heat and keep a relatively low temperature. This superior heat dissipation performance can maintain the stable operating temperature of the equipment, reduce the failure rate, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Secondly, the Water cooling plate also has the advantages of low noise. Compared with traditional air-cooling technology, water-cooled panels make almost no noise when working, providing a quieter working environment.

Thus nowadays, liquid cooling now is taking over more and more tasks in more areas.

Water cooling plate

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