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What is the liquid cooling system?

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Before introducing the liquid cooling system, it is necessary to have a simple understanding of the energy storage system. The energy storage system mentioned mainly refers to battery energy storage system, which is generally composed of battery system, PCS system, BMS system, monitoring system, etc. The battery system is composed of single cells in series and parallel. According to the current common 40-foot 2.5MWh air-cooled energy storage container, about 6510 cells of 120Ah, 2790 cells of 280Ah, and thousands of cells stacked together need to control their ambient temperature, otherwise it will affect the battery life or even lead to thermal runaway and fire risk.


Liquid cooling system is a kind of temperature control technology for battery temperature management. We are familiar with the temperature control technology in air conditioning, electric vehicles and data centers. The air-cooled cooling technology is extended from the air conditioner, and the liquid cooling technology is borrowed from the electric vehicle. At present, the temperature control technology in the field of energy storage mainly includes air cooling and liquid cooling. Air-cooled heat dissipation brings the heat generated by the cell to the outside through the fan, and liquid-cooled heat dissipation carries out accurate temperature management for each cell through the convection heat transfer of the coolant. Air cooling technology was widely used in the energy storage system at the earliest time because of its simple structure, mature technology and low cost, which can realize rapid delivery and deployment,Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to and recognize liquid-cooled energy storage. In addition to its own advantages, it is inseparable from the current market demand.

With the continuous expansion of the construction scale of the energy storage project, the capacity of the cell and the energy density of the system will be improved. Even if 280Ah large-capacity cells are used, the construction of a 100-megawatt energy storage project still requires hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of cells to be combined, which will generate more heat and put forward higher requirements for the temperature control management of the energy storage system.

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