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Aluminum micro --channel tubes extrusion process

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The extrusion process is a process for manufacturing aluminum micro channel structures. It is often used in micro-scale fields such as microfluidics, micro-heat exchange, and micro-reactors. The main method is to exert strong pressure on the aluminum billet placed in the mold cavity (or extrusion barrel), forcing the aluminum billet to undergo directional plastic deformation and extrusion from the die hole of the extrusion die, thereby obtaining the required cross-sectional shape The plastic processing method of parts or semi-finished products with certain mechanical properties and size, the principle is similar to squeezing toothpaste. The process flow is roughly divided into raw material preparation, mold design and manufacturing, material loading, material preheating, extrusion processing, cooling and solidification and processing and cleaning. 

The advantages of the aluminum extrusion process include durability, lightness and strength, good thermal conductivity, fashionable appearance, wide application, easy processing, short mold processing cycle, low cost, absorption of impact and deformation, etc.


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