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Application of liquid cooling plates in power batteries

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Power batteries, as a vital component of new energy vehicles, have become increasingly important with the development of the industry. However, during high-power output, power batteries generate a significant amount of heat. Failure to effectively dissipate this heat can have a detrimental impact on battery performance and safety. Therefore, in the context where air cooling cannot meet the increasingly demanding heat dissipation requirements, liquid cooling plates have been widely adopted as an effective thermal management solution.

Liquid cooling plates typically consist of a metal plate and integrated flow channels. They are usually installed at the bottom or surrounding area of the battery cells. By circulating a coolant, the liquid cooling plates absorb the heat released by the battery and achieve the desired cooling effect.
Liquid cooling plates offer efficient heat dissipation performance, effectively absorbing and removing heat in a timely and uniform manner. In terms of design, they can be customized according to specific requirements, making liquid cooling plates increasingly favored by mainstream manufacturers.
In conclusion, liquid cooling plates technology provides an efficient and reliable heat dissipation solution for the application of power batteries. It ensures battery performance and safety while enabling high-power output.


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