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Brazing of Liquid Cooling Plates

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Liquid cooling plates are integral components of new energy thermal management systems, primarily employed in environments demanding high load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance. Consequently, the choice of materials for manufacturing liquid cooling plates often necessitates careful consideration of both strength and corrosion performance. Additionally, the production of these cooling plates requires materials with suitable tensile properties to accommodate processes like stamping and stretching.

In the context of liquid cooling plates for new energy vehicles, aluminum brazing materials are commonly utilized. The manufacturing process typically involves several steps, including stamping, cleaning, application of brazing agents, riveting, brazing, inspection, and sealing.

Brazing liquid cooling plates offers distinct advantages. Firstly, the manufacturing process is relatively straightforward, providing cost benefits. Secondly, these plates can be produced in larger sizes, making them suitable for applications in sizable electronic devices such as energy storage systems. Lastly, brazed liquid cooling plates exhibit high strength post-brazing, minimizing the risk of leakage.

However, brazing-based liquid cooling plates also come with certain disadvantages. For instance, they may exhibit suboptimal flatness, requiring corrective measures. Moreover, the brazing process demands precision, leading to higher manufacturing standards and fluctuating production yields.


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