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Liquid Cooling : A Technological Revolution Solution for Future Data Centers

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With the advent of the 5G era and the increasing demand for high-performance and high-density computing, energy consumption in data centers has become an increasingly important topic. Research shows that high temperatures not only reduce the stability of chips but also affect their electrical performance, operating frequency, mechanical strength, and reliability due to excessive thermal stress. To address the demands of high-performance and high-density computing, the use of liquid cooling fluid as a replacement for air to cool computer equipment is poised to revolutionize future data centers.

Currently, there are three main methods of liquid cooling: immersion cooling, liquid cooling plate, and spray cooling. liquid cooling plate involves indirect heat dissipation without direct contact between the cooling fluid and the cooled devices, utilizing a thermal conductive plate for heat transfer, which offers higher safety.

In contrast, spray cooling enables direct contact between the liquid and the cooled devices, resulting in higher cooling efficiency. However, during the spraying process, the liquid may experience evaporation and dispersion when it encounters high-temperature objects, causing mist and gas to escape through openings and gaps in the server chassis, which can reduce the cleanliness of the data center environment or have an impact on other equipment.

Spray cooling offers high cooling efficiency but may result in reduced cleanliness of the data center environment and potential impact on other devices due to the evaporation and dispersion of the liquid when it encounters high-temperature objects.

Immersion cooling provides higher heat dissipation efficiency and lower noise levels. However, it still has drawbacks such as low compatibility and high costs.


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