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What is an integrated electric drive system?

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The electric drive system includes two types of assembly systems.

  • The first type includes: drive motor, drive motor controller, transmission. Under the complex working environment, the electric drive system of the new energy vehicle can accurately control the power output of the electronic components at high frequency based on the software algorithm of real-time response, realize the control of the drive motor, and finally transmit the power through the precision mechanical parts.

ingrated electric drive system1

  • The second type includes: high-voltage PDU(power distribution unit), OBC (on-board charger) and DC/DC converter. Its main function is to provide power conversion and battery charging/discharging functions. As an important part of the new energy vehicle power train, the on-board power supply must meet the characteristics of high power density, small size, and strong reliability.

The integration of electric drive systems is a deterministic trend in the future.

  • At the same time, integrated products also increase the barriers to entry in the industry. For example, at the technical level, electrical integration can reduce the length of the controller and the motor. Compatibility performance can also be improved, etc.

In the process of system integration development, Trumony can provide efficient and suitable battery pack heat exchange solutions, cooperate with the internal power drive structure, and the box to improve heat exchange efficiency, reduce integration costs, and help the development of the new energy vehicle market

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