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Aluminum Roll Bonded Thermodynamic Solar Panel Thermodynamic Solar Collectors

Size: as your design
Thickness: 1.5-3.5mm
Max.width: 700mm
Max.length: depend on your design
Blowing type: double side /single side / part single side
Application: new energy cars battery module
  • TR-CY-T139

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT139

Aluminum Roll Bonded Thermodynamic Solar Panel Thermodynamic Solar Collectors

Thermodynamic panels can absorb ambient heat from the air and rain as well as the sun.They use refrigerant gas which works like a fridge in reverse to generate hot water for your home in all conditions.The panels can be roof, wall or ground mounted and because they don't rely upon the sun can be positioned in any direction (although we would always recommend south to take advantage of the extra solar gains).


Double side inflated roll-bonded evaporator

Inflated plate :AL-1060

Flat plate: AL-3003

Size Customized as your design
Thickness 1.5-2.0mm
Lightweight ,lower cost at development stage
Application Used in freezer, refrigerator,air conditioner, wine cabinet, showcase chiller etc.

DSI: Double side roll bond evaporator

OSF:Single side roll bond evaporator 

OSFX: Part single side roll bond evaporator

Key process

preparing materials – cleaning – printing – rolling – annealing - blowing up – punching –folding and sharpening –adding the capillary – assemble welding – leakage testing –  cleaning and drying – coating - inspection – packing


Advantage :

· Do not nee sunlight to generate heat , they can work day or night in all conditions including rain or snow .

· Can provide all hot water requirements up to 55°C

· Significantly reduce CO2 emissions, making yr home greener

· More smaller and more discreet than solar panels and do not need to be roof mounted

· Easy to install .

Thermodynamic Solar Panel

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