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Application of aluminum heat transfer materials in electric vehicles(EV)

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What is aluminium heat transfer material?

Aluminum heat transfer material is a new aluminum alloy material that uses aluminum-manganese alloy as the core material and other aluminum alloys to form a metallurgical bond on the contact surface by using rolling composite process. 

Which areas can aluminium heat transfer material apply to? 

Aluminum heat transfer material fully combines the physical and chemical properties of different metals, so that its thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, strength, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity can be greatly improved. 

Aluminum heat transfer materials are mainly used in automotive heat exchange, mainly including battery pack, automotive air conditioners, water tanks, oil coolers, intercoolers and heaters, etc., and a car usually has more than 10 heat exchange units. 

aluminium heat transfer material

Adopting aluminum heat transfer material to manufacture heat exchangers that can reduces the weight of automotive heat exchange systems by about 40% and significantly improve heat exchange efficiency. Battery thermal management system(BTMS) technology is mainly divided into air cooling, liquid cooling and phase change material cooling, the adoption rate of liquid cooling in e-mobility in 2022 is about 55%; and the application of liquid cooling in the field of energy storage system(ESS) is accelerating, according to GGII, the proportion of liquid cooling in ESS will increase from 10.8% in 2021 to about 45% in 2025. And liquid cooling is inseparable from aluminum liquid cooling plate, Trumony has been one of the global leading and most specialized suppliers of liquid cold plates. Stamping type, extruded type and roll bond plate type are all available for customization.We are always here to solve all your questions, welcome to connect us.

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