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Classification of Aluminum Micro channel Tubes

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Aluminum micro channel tubes are aluminum products characterized by finely structured channels, commonly used in heat exchange and related fields. They are classified based on different features.

Structurally, they can be categorized into single-layer micro channel tubes and multi-layer micro channel tubes. Single-layer micro channels refer to aluminum micro channel tubes with a simple structure, typically used in industrial applications for basic heat conduction and fluid circulation. On the other hand, multi-layer micro channel tubes have complex structures with multiple layers of micro channels, utilized for heat management and fluid circulation functions. 

They can also be classified by shape, mainly into rectangular micro channel tubes and circular micro channel tubes, with rectangular and circular cross-sections respectively. Additionally, aluminum micro channel tubes have different connection methods and can be further divided into flat plate connected micro channel tubes and irregularly shaped connected micro channel tubes. 

Aluminum micro channel tubes find extensive applications, particularly in the automotive industry and the electronics and electrical sector. In the automotive industry, they are widely used in air conditioning condensers, evaporators, and engine cooling systems, effectively enhancing refrigeration and heat dissipation efficiency. In the electronics and electrical sector, they are widely utilized for equipment cooling.

Aluminum Micro channel Tubes

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