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Key Innovations in Battery Cooling Systems

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With the rise and development of electric vehicles, battery technology has remained a central focus of the industry. In the battery management system of electric vehicles, cooling technology plays a crucial role. Continuous advancements and innovations have led to the evolution of battery cooling systems, providing new assurances for the performance, safety, and stability of electric vehicles.

The introduction of new heat dissipation materials and technologies has revolutionized battery cooling systems. For instance, phase change materials (PCMs) can absorb significant amounts of heat and release it when the battery overheats, enabling passive cooling. This passive cooling technology does not require external energy input, thereby improving the system's energy efficiency.

Additionally, liquid cooling systems in electric vehicles are being optimized. Recently, some battery manufacturers have started exploring microchannel designs, liquid cooling plates, and other technologies to enhance heat dissipation efficiency and reduce system volume, thereby improving the performance and reliability of battery cooling systems.

Moreover, some automakers are researching new cooling methods such as air cooling and heat exchanger cooling to reduce costs and improve system efficiency. These innovative technologies and designs will further drive the development of the electric vehicle industry, providing users with a safer and more efficient driving experience.

As a thermal management solution provider, Trumony can offer you customized one-stop service from liquid cooling components design, tooling, and prototype making till mass production.


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