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Residential Energy Storage System Lithium Battery Rack Liquid-cooling Battery Plate

Trumony can provide advanced liquid cooling technology for BESS solutions to dissipate heat more evenly from the battery, with the enhanced thermal conductivity of the coolant reducing the auxiliary power consumption required for system cooling.
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Residential Energy Storage System Lithium Battery Rack Liquid-cooling Battery Plate

As electricity flows from the charging station through the charging cables and into the vehicle battery cell, internal resistances to the higher currents are responsible for generating these high amounts of heat.Active water cooling is the best thermal management method to improve battery pack performance.  It is because liquid cooling enables cells to have a more uniform temperature throughout the system whilst using less input energy, stopping overheating, maintaining safety, minimising degradation and alowing higher performance.Based on market demand, we have developed two different liquid cooling solutions specially designed for Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Outdoor Cabinets, it is aluminum micro channel cooling tube for cylindrical battery pack , and another is aluminum liquid cooled plate for prismatic battery .


Battery energy storage system liquid-cooling plate
As your design
Cooling solution

1. Snake cooling tube for cylindrical cells

2. Liquid cooling plate for prismatic cells

Cooling type
liquid cooling
flow channel upper plate /covered down plate / CNC connctors / plastic quick connectors
household power energy system & industrial energy storage system
Energy storage system

Energy storage on power generation

Energy storage on power transmission and distribution

Energy storage on power consumption

Cooling solution :

1.Liquid cooling BESS Module

2.Liquid cooling BESS Pack

3.Liquid cooling BESS Rack

4.Liquic cooling BESS container

ESS Container cooling

Using liquid cooling plates, household energy storage manufacturers gain benefits in multiple places:

1. Make ESS racks into more compacted size, so power density increased, as well as land utilization.

2. Having much increased heat dissipation performance , so system runs with more reliability.

3. Energy saving than using HVAC

4. Lower cost in installation

With very rich experience in making cooling plates for battery packs.Below are the strength from us that you can rely on:

1. Aid in cooling components design feasibility

2. Proven solutions for both prismatic and cylindrical cells

3. Capability in doing DVP with client

4. Fast support in Prototype making

Company :

Trumony Aluminum Limited which was founded in 2006 is headquartered in Suzhou, a traditional cultural and commercial hub. "Helping technology get off the ground and helping customers succeed" is its mission. "Adhering to the concept of green development and continuously contributing to the global carbon neutrality goal" is its long-term vision. Customer-centric, striver-oriented, embracing change based on tradition, and harmoniously developing, are the values that Trumony always sticks to.

Trumony has 100,000 square meters of standard workshops and high-standard testing centers and laboratories, which have passed ISO9001, TS16949 quality management systems respectively.

Trumony brings real value to customers with lean production management, strict and stable quality system and consultative market service.

Trumony mainly provides customers with thermal management related services and products. Its services include battery thermal management solutions, liquid cooling system development, liquid cooling system design, liquid cooling materials, liquid cooling components, and liquid cooling assemblies. For products mainly include liquid-cooling components for power battery packs,liquid-cooling components for energy storage battery packs, liquid-cooling components for high heat flux density heat exchange, and new liquid-cooling heat exchange components. These products are matched for many domestic users and exported to 56 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

1. What BESS cooling solution you can provide ?
A: We have 4 kinds of battery cooling type for your bess battery pack. Aluminum snake tube for cylindrical shaped of cells. Aluminum brazed cooled plate for prismatic cells ,aluminum micro channel plates for pouches and aluminum roll bonded panels .

2.What the alloy and temper of your water cooling plate ?
A:The aluminum alloy is 3000,6000 and temper is O-H112.

3.What the process technology to do the liquid cold plate or coolant channles ?
A:Aluminum extrusion process , vacuum brazing process, roll bonded process and we also have CNC center.

4.Do you support customized prototype for battery energy storage system cooling solution ?
A:Sure, we can produce the aluminum liquid cooling plate as your design. If just at the development stage, our existing cooled plate heat sinks are available for checking.

If you are interested in our aluminum cooling plate for energy storage system cooling , pls send inquiry to us and we can arrange online meeting to discuss more details~~

BESS Liquid Cold Plate