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Trumony BTMS Solution For 4680 Battery Cell

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Trumony, as one of Chinese professional EV battery thermal management solutions providers, was established in 2006 and mass production began in the Jan of 2007.

With such rich experience in designing and manufacturing various specifications of cooling parts, Trumony has absolutely no doubt about tailoring an optimal complete thermal management solution package for 1865 and 2170 cells.

As a common practice, 1865 cells and 2170 cells are surrounded by customized snake tubes through which coolants flow in and out to keep a favorable working temperature about 15 C to 35 C. Currently, Tesla and Panasonic developed a brand new cylindrical cell called 4680 cells. With a higher energy density, 4680 cells need an improved thermal management solution. Trumony is devoted in designing an exclusive snake tube for it.

More info are on our official YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ1Hw2_Uu7k

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