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Aluminum Microchannel Heat Exchanger – cooling pipe

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Aluminum microchannel tube can be broadly categorized into three types: parallel flow, cooling pipe, and finless heat exchangers. In recent years, driven by advancements in the chemical industry, microchannel technology has emerged as a significant area of research. Fluid flow at the microscale, influenced by fluid properties and varying flow conditions, behaves differently from conventional scales. Microchannel tubes exhibit remarkable effects in numerous industrial applications.

Cooling pipe, a type of heat exchanger, find extensive utilization in nuclear energy, air conditioning, cryogenic refrigeration, and chemical fields. Constructed from high-pressure-resistant aluminum alloy extruded profiles, cooling pipe can withstand pressures of up to 3 MPa. Their porous cross-sectional design promotes parallel flow of the refrigerant, effectively increasing the internal heat exchange area. Argon arc welding is often employed for joints, ensuring excellent sealing. In addition to the mentioned applications, Cooling pipe are now widely used for cooling cylindrical batteries in new energy vehicles.


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