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4343/3003/7072 Aluminum High Frequency Welding Dimple Flat Tube with Rib for Car Radiator

Alloy: 1000,3000,6000
Temper: O-H112
Application: Radiator,condenser,evaporator,oil cooler,intercooler, water tank
  • TR-CY-T140

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT140

4343/3003/7072 Aluminum High Frequency Welding Dimple Flat Tube with Rib for Car Radiator
The Aluminium high frequency welding tube is also called aluminum dimple flat tube with rib or folded B-type tube. The dimple tube is widely used for radiator for car, radiator for car & off-road . We have some existing tube type for your available.

Application: Radiator for car

Raw material :as request ,general material :4343/3003/7072,4343/3005/7072

Material Thickness: 0.22-0.3mm

Tube Specification:


Size (mm)




Dimple hourglass tube

Dimple hourglass tube 26*2.0*0.25
Dimple hourglass tube 32*2.0*0.25
Dimple hourglass tube 40*2.0*0.3
Dimple hourglass tube 42*2.0*0.3
Dimple hourglass tube 52*1.8*0.35


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1. Do you accept customize the design of the HF tube  ?
A: Yes, we accept the customized design of the hf tube.

2.Do you have the existing design for our checking ?
A:Yes, you can tell us your requirement of the radiator tube and we will check if we have suitable size close to yours.

3.Which kind of aluminum high frequency welding tube you can provide ?
A:We can provide dimple flat tube with rib, folded B-tube,dimple hourglass tube, dimple flat tube,CAC tube, Oil cooler tube , flat oval tube , round tube , snap over tube and HF D-type tube.

4.What the material of the HF tube ?

A: The HF material is 4343/3003/7072,4343/3005/7072,4343/3003/4343,4343/3005/4343,4343/3003,4343/3005.

5.Where we can use the HF tube ?
A:The HF tube is widely use for radiator for car & off-road vehicle heat exchanger .

HF tube (3)HF tube (2)