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CTM battery pack integration technology

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CTM (Cell To Module)
CTM refers to the module composed of batteries, and then the battery pack is formed by the modules. In short, the packaging form is "cell-battery module-battery pack". After completion, the battery pack is integrated into the chassis of the car. structural technology.

liquid cooling plate

This structure consists of several parts including battery module, mechanical system, electrical system, thermal management system and BMS. The thermal management system consists of liquid cooling plate, cooling water pipe, heat insulation pad and heat conduction pad. The efficiency of the water cooled plate is the core factor. The battery module has a separate shell protection and control unit, which is convenient for battery control and thermal management. At the same time, the battery module can also be replaced separately, with low maintenance cost and high convenience

However, the shortcomings of this module are also obvious. Due to the factors of the shell and safety gap between the modules, the overall weight is high and the space utilization rate is low; and the modules are equipped with a separate control unit, although the safety is greatly improved. , but also increased the overall cost.

As the market urgently needs to increase the mileage and reduce the cost, the research direction of the existing technology intends to directly integrate the battery into the vehicle body. This technology can maximize the space utilization and arrange more batteries in the same space. battery, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing cruising range.

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