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Compact Energy Storage System Battery Pack Liquid Cooled Snake Shaped Cooling Tubes

Trumony is professional cooling components manufacturer for battery packs and ESS (energy storage system).
We design & produce cooling plates and cooling pipes for cells inside of ESS. Right now, most ESS deployed HVAC system for cooling its modules/cells. It mainly utilize air flow to make cooling.
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What is liquid-cooled for BESS ?

The temperature environment in the battery pack has a great impact on the reliability, life and performance of the battery cell. Therefore, it is particularly important to keep the temperature in the battery pack within a certain temperature range.Trumony focuses on the research and development and production of new energy (electric vehicles, energy storage battery packs) liquid cooling heat transfer technology. Mature products include but are not limited to the serpentine bend for battery packs heat transfer. The liquid medium has high heat transfer coefficient, large heat capacity and fast cooling speed, which can significantly reduce the high temperature and improve the consistency of the temperature field of the battery pack. Meanwhile, the volume of the thermal management system is relatively small.


Liquid cooled energy storage system
As your design
Thickness(after stamping)
Cooling type
liquid cooling instead of air cooling
flow channel upper plate /covered down plate / CNC connctors / plastic quick connectors
household power energy system & industrial energy storage system
Energy storage system

Energy storage on power generation

Energy storage on power transmission and distribution

Energy storage on power consumption

Using liquid cooling plates, household energy storage manufacturers gain benefits in multiple places:

1. Make ESS racks into more compacted size, so power density increased, as well as land utilization.

2. Having much increased heat dissipation performance , so system runs with more reliability.

3. Energy saving than using HVAC

4. Lower cost in installation

With very rich experience in making cooling plates for battery packs.Below are the strength from us that you can rely on:

1. Aid in cooling components design feasibility

2. Proven solutions for both prismatic and cylindrical cells

3. Capability in doing DVP with client

4. Fast support in Prototype making

What Trumony can do for your battery energy storage system?

1)Study the manufacturing process of different liquid cooling plates for your project, and compare the advantages and disadvantages, costs and application scope of different liquid cooling forms;

2)According to your application field flexible development of flow design, choose more applicability, higher heat transfer efficiency of the liquid cooling system, cooling rate and heating rate support customized.

3)Develop a liquid cooling system with better temperature uniformity (for example, the temperature difference of the battery pack does not exceed 5℃ during the cooling process; During the heating process, the temperature difference of the battery pack should not exceed 8℃).

4)The development of more reliable liquid cooling system (such as pressure above 350kPa, service life up to 10 years; The total flow resistance of the liquid cooling system is in the range of 20-30kPa).

If you are interested in our aluminum cooling plate for energy storage system cooling , pls send inquiry to us and we can arrange online meeting to discuss more details~~

BESS Liquid Cold Plate

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