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Customized Big Size Heavy Duty Equipment Battery Liquid Cooling Heat Exchanger Cold Plate

Size max.: 1.3*2.2m
Application : heavy duty equipment battery pack
Thickness: 5-8mm
Technology : brazing / staming
  • TR-CY-T180

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT180

Heavy duty equipment battery thermal management system

Trumony as the one big China hest exchanger manufacturing vendor in China, we have export and provide battery liquid cooling products and liquid cooling solution for more 56 countries. and we have successful cases for diffferent liquid cooling tubes or cold plates. To achieve the maxinum heat dissipation effective for various electric vehicles battery module or battery energy storage system battery racks or battery containers , we are capable to evaluate the liquid cold plate or cooling ribbon or aluminum micro channels cold plate production feasibility . In addition, we will give our optimal suggestion for the aluminum cooling plate design . Why not choose Trumony as your cooperated partner.


Liquid cooled plate for heavy duty engineering trucks
max. 1.3*2.3m
Cooling type
Water / glycol or as your request
Upper plate / down plate/ connectors

Electric vehicle : Classic commercial motor vehicle / Commercial motor vehicle(CMV)/Electric tractor trailer trucks/Electric freight trucks/ Electric industrial trucks/Electric pickup truck/ Electric School Bus/Electric buses

Energy storage system

IGBT Cooling solution

Liquid cold plate type
cold plate cooling plate for EV, stamped cold plate for ESS,harmonica shaped cooling tube plate , EV battery snake cooling tube ,aluminum roll bonded plate

*****Key point of design

1-Specify the battery type: cylindrical cells / square cells or prismatic cells/ soft battery or pouch cells

2-Module boundary dimensions

3-Heat dissipation requirement

4-Design and prototype budget

5-All heat exchanger choice such as the connectors,plastic quick connectors,battery cooling plate installation

The advantages of liqud cooled plates

1. Compared with the traditional heat pipe, the liquid cooling plate realizes direct heat transfer on a large surface, and the heat conduction efficiency is higher.

2. Most liquid cold plates are made of aluminum alloy and various insulating media (such as various thermal interface materials of Trumony Technology). Eliminate potential safety hazards in electricity use occasions.

3. Light weight and long life.

4. Liquid cooling uses water as the medium, and the cooling system is quieter than the air cooling system.

Company Information

Trumony Aluminum Limited was established in 2006 , with decades of rich experience, Trumony are focusing on providing battery pack heat exchanger component,which are including liquid cooling solution for power battery pack ,liquid cooling solution for  energy storage system,liquid cooling solution for high heat flux density products and new liquid cooling solution.

Trumony headquarters is in Suzhou city and have 3 factories in Aning City ,Hefei city ,Anhui province , the third plant in suzhou city will be ready for mass production in Mid Dec.Our mission is Bringing science and technology to reality. In 2021, we have established deep cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and setted the Trumony Technology Limited , is devoted in R&D in thermal interface material .

Currently, Trumony has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and the product performance fully meets customer procurement needs. In the future, Trumony is ambitious to provide its reliable and cost-effective solutions.

1. What battery module cooling solution you can provide ?
A: We have 4 kinds of battery cooling type for your battery pack. Aluminum snake cooling channel tube for cylindrical cells. Brazed cold plate for prismatic cells ,aluminum micro channel plates for soft package cells and aluminum roll bonded panels .

2.What the alloy and temper of your water cooling plate ?
A:The aluminum alloy is 3000,6000 and temper is O-H112.

3.What the process technology to do the cold plate or coolant channles ?
A:Aluminum extrusion process , vacuum brazing process, roll bonded process and we also have CNC center.

4.Do you support customized prototype for battery pack module ?
A:Sure, we can produce the aluminum liquid cooling plate as your design. If just at the development stage, our existing cooled plate heat sinks are available for checking.

Water cooling plates

If you are interested in our aluminum cooling tube for battery pack cooling system , pls send iqnuiry to us and we can arrange online meeting to discuss more details about the liquid cooling coolant tube~~